An eternal Panacea & Elixir for the Body, Mind & Spirit
Ayurvedic Standards Compliant


The modern stressful lifestyle has taken a massive negative toll on our bodies leading to rapid ageing and ailments. AYURMAGIK’s Vedic Ghee is made in the traditional Vedic way, also known as the “Bilona” made from the milk of stress-free and grass-fed cows that are roaming free and happy in our Dairy in the rural heartland of Odisha.

The Benefits of our Ghee prepared in the Vedic way are:


  • Boosts Brain Power, Memory & Cognition
  • Helps Digestion
  • Improves Immunity
  • Increases Sexual Drive & Libido
  • Detoxification of the Whole Body
  • Increases Muscle Strength & Power


Our Vedic Ghee can be consumed with warm water in conjunction with our Vedic Miracle Tonics, milk or simply as Ghee.

Vedic Ghee 250 grams

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