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About Us

An eCommerce venture of the Pondicherry-based Agritech One 12 Innovations Pvt.Ltd., Realfoods is your one-stop-shop for everything organic, whether it’s organic foods or ancient grains. We strongly believe in the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ and therefore offer natural handmade ingredients that are well suited to your lifestyle.

At Realfoods, we emphasize the need to step back into your roots and dive into the times of your grandparents and great grandparents to attain a healthy lifestyle where they lived in close tandem with nature! From Ayurvedic products that tackle obesity, urine health, impotency, and hypertension, we offer a range of products for you to choose from. In addition to offering products that are handmade to perfection, Realfoods also offers recipes and diet plans to target specific issues like diabetes, hypertension, gut issues, and other chronic diseases through a holistic approach and authentic ingredients. All our products are free of chemicals and are not processed. This is visible in the quality of our products, their taste, and flavors.

When everything in the grocery store becomes non-trustworthy, when hidden sugars overtake packaged food items and aerated drinks are loaded with hidden toxins, comes as a breath of fresh air, making organic and authentic food and ingredients accessible at affordable rates.

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With lifestyle diseases like diabetes becoming a household name, we at Realfoods help reverse chronic diseases with your food. Our authentic ingredients will help your body absorb maximum nutrients and keep stress-related illnesses at bay. works closely with local farmers, empowering them and other women- based Self Help Groups in sustaining a livelihood. Would you like to know how your produce reaches your plate? helps you achieve just that! Our traditional recipes are handpicked, using advanced blockchain technology and we’re able to trace the journey of our products from their inception to your doorstep.

Using Artificial Intelligence, we’re able to implement diets customized to suit our customers’ needs- whether it is reversing gut issues, mood-related disorders, impotency or even lifestyle diseases like diabetes and thyroid. These diet plans are tailormade to the preferences of our clients. Our recipes are based on age-old Ayurvedic practices that may even benefit female health and aid pregnancy-linked issues. Additionally, some of our products are also children-specific to ensure they are well-nourished in their formative years of growth and development.

We are well known for bringing unique recipes from different communities across India, including tribals, to you, either in the format of ready-to-consume products or knowledge in e-books and documents.

Among the natural ingredients promoted by us are rice and millets. These are sourced organically and hold numerous health benefits if consumed in the right manner.

In today’s day and age, there’s a need to shift from highly processed and packaged foods, that induce health issues and rare diseases, to more organically grown natural produce. Today, preservatives are added to almost every product to increase its shelf life. However, at Realfoods, we ensure our products are preservative-free and transparent through our labels that detail each ingredient used.

India is a land of diverse gastronomical experiences; some of its ingredients like natural turmeric and saffron have brought it on the world map. Cherishing these ingredients and living in harmony with nature will go a long way in keeping us healthy and happy. The methods and techniques used by farmers, associated with ensures we leave a better world for the future generations. This is possible using traditional techniques of farming and food production, that are sensitive towards the environment.

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